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clean energy

The Clean Energy Initiative.

Innovation drives our world today. We believe in creating a positive impact on our world one household at a time. By challenging the status-quo of the solar energy market, we motivate premier solar installers to compete for you business so YOU can take part in the greatest environmental advancement of our time.

What is a “qualified” quote?

Our qualified quotes are formulated by our team based on information that you provide us with. We work with you to create a custom quote package, containing offers from the top industry-leading solar installation teams in your area. Each of our industry-leading partners must meet strict criteria for worksmanship, customer satisfaction, and affordability for you as the customer. All of our partners offer ZERO money down financing to save you and your wallet.

What We Do For You.

Here at Three Solar Estimates, we will provide you with three “qualified” solar installation quotes at no cost to you. Each quote is highly personalized to you and your needs, with the idea that YOU are the winner when solar companies have to compete for your interest.

Ready to find out how much money you could be saving with solar?